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Links We Love: This Week’s Most Charming Social Stories

What was hot on the web this week? Get up to speed on the latest trends, news and services with some of our favorite new stories.

How Google Created Its Epic(-ish) Valentine’s Day Doodle


For Valentine’s Day, Google created one of its most ambitious Doodles yet. If you clicked on the logo on Valentine’s Day, you got to watch a one-minute animation showing the highs and lows of young love – and illustrating that Google can’t solve everything.

Michael Lipman, an animator whose past work includes Happy Tree Friends, was hired by the Doodle team to turn their animatic storyboard into a full-length animation. He noted that an animation of this nature would typically take him nine or 10 weeks – but Google gave him three.

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If Pinterest Is The Social Network For Women, Google+ Is The Social Network For Men

With all of the talk about how Pinterest usage is skewed towards women, Google+ is apparently dominated by men, as more than two-thirds of its 90 million members are guys. This is good news for brands trying to reach a male-centric audience.

These stats should give brands an extra incentive to dive into Google+, if they haven’t already. By knowing that this social network tends to be used primarily by men, companies can share specific content with that in mind.

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Facebook Embracing Pseudonyms, Verified Accounts and Timeline Brands

Facebook is “pulling another Twitter” and rolling out verified accounts to users with many subscribers. By verifying an account, the users will get more prominent placement in the Facebook “People to Subscribe to” suggestions.

This new system will also allow some users to use nicknames instead of their real names (Facebook already lets Lady Gaga be Lady Gaga). The person’s real name, if they go by a pseudonym, will still be listed on the about page.

Facebook is also set to release Timeline for brands later this month. The Timeline for brands pages will be consistent with the look and feel of Timeline for individual users, but won’t be an exact copy.

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