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Social Butterflies: Spring Into This Week’s Social Media Stories

What was hot on the web this week? Get up to speed on the latest trends, news and services with some of our favorite new stories.

Google Analytics Update Connects Social Marketing With The Bottom Line

The Google Analytics team announced new features that will try to answer the common marketing question, “What’s the ROI on social media?”

Given the increasing importance of social marketing and social network traffic, it was probably inevitable that the Google Analytics team would add social-focused reports. However, these reports take a different approach from most social analytics products, which are more focused on “listening” – counting mentions, retweets, etc.

Companies using the new reports can tell Google the goal they’re interested in, whether it’s making a purchase, registering a user, and so on. Then Google will show you not just how many visits are coming in via social networks (and from which networks in particular), but also how many of those social visits are “converting” to your set goal.

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Angry Birds Goes Giant With Seattle Space Needle

The new Angry Birds: Space launched with an abnormally oversized Red Bird tied to the Seattle Space Needle on Thursday. The physics-based game added its own 300-foot tall slingshot to the Space Needle and invited fans to the top to play the game on launch day.

The game is an expansion of the original Angry Birds game and provides a brand new set of odd physics-based actions. Since the game has been wildly popular among T-Mobile users, Angry Birds is giving them exclusive content through its unique promotion within Walmart.

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Facebook Photos Go High Resolution And Full Screen

Facebook is continuing its quest to appeal to photographers with a couple of new improvements to its photo-viewing features. You can now view photos in full-screen mode, and Facebook automatically shows the high-resolution version of your image.

High-resolution photos can be up to four times bigger on large displays.

The full-screen feature hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet, and will only work on Firefox or Chrome browsers.

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Thanks To Google Voice, You Can Now Make Phone Calls From Within Google+ Hangouts

The Google+ team continues to graduate features for its Hangouts product. Last week they announced Google Docs for Hangouts, and now you’ll be able to make calls from Hangouts as well.

Unfortunately, you can’t create a party line and it’s limited to making one call at a time.

What companies like Google and Apple are doing with products such as Hangouts and Face Time is making communications seamless and ubiquitous.

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