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Smartphone But No Laptop? You Must Be In Asia Pacific

"mobile phones"In the years that I have spent with clients, planning and executing digital marketing strategies, I have always found the mention of marketing strategies for mobile platforms being made largely as an afterthought.

An industry colleague had an interesting story to recount recently about his conversations with young Indonesian students about their use of smartphones. Asked if they accessed the Internet on them, they all replied in the negative. But when asked specifically about using Facebook from their mobiles, they all nodded enthusiastically.  Apparently, Facebook was not Internet.

I found the anecdote instructive from several perspectives. For starters, the young Indonesian students typify user behaviour in many markets in the Asia Pacific region. Users of that age group associate mobile phones as devices that connect them to friends on social networking sites. Mobile carrier networks often reinforce that thinking by offering data plans that restrict access to social networking sites alone.

If we take a step outside that age group, there is another perspective to consider. More and more users in the region are switching to their smartphones to search for information and to access local services online. Google’s 2012 Our Mobile Planet smartphone research that was released a few weeks ago pegged Australia as the country with the highest smartphone adoption.  The growth rates for Singapore, Hong Kong and other SEA countries in the last year were very impressive too. Nielsen, in fact, estimates that internet-capable mobile phones (or ‘smartphones’) beat household ownership of notebooks and desktops in this region.

What does this mean for businesses in Asia Pacific? Digital marketing campaigns now must include strategies for mobile platforms. Three must-have mobile marketing strategies for all businesses in the region are:

  1. Mobile-optimised websites
  2. Content written specifically for mobile websites
  3. SEO strategies for mobile platforms

I would love to hear your thoughts on mobile marketing strategies that have worked for you in the comments below or connect with me on Twitter.

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