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The Kupambana Magazine: What Makes a Good Story?


Storytelling has evolved to become more than just bedside fairytales and campfire traditions. In the communications industry, the art of storytelling has been taken to a whole new level.

The last time you heard a story, did it grasp your interest? Was it memorable? Did it keep your attention? More likely than not, it probably did. The power of the story is undeniable and marketers are finally starting to notice.  Advanced technology and the development of social platforms has opened a gateway of opportunity for PRs and marketers to share content in new ways, from printed white papers to branded blogs, multi-screened media placements and so much more.

As communication professionals, it is important to understand the evolution of storytelling and how it can help us successfully share a message, build better brands and further connect our clients with their customers.

As everyone scrambles to take part in the new wave of content marketing and as more companies begin to build brand journalism practices, it has become crucial to learn which types of storytelling techniques are most effective and to hone in on creative ways to repackage and share content in fresh, easy-to-digest formats.

So the question you should be asking is, “What makes a good story?” Is it the content? How it’s presented? Or is it how it’s told and shared?

We’ve been asking ourselves the exact same questions and that’s why we dedicated all the articles in our latest Kupambana Magazine to “The Power of the Story”. This edition of the magazine provides an inside look at how stories are being shared all around the world, tips on using social platforms to showcase branded messages, insights on creative and effective ways to build corporate narratives, a definition of brand journalism, examples of content marketing and much more.

To give you a preview, here are some snapshots of the magazine below. To read a complete copy, download the app from the App Store.


Let us know how you are telling your stories and any tips we may have forgotten to share in the comments!

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