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You Say Goodbye, and I Say Ello


Facebook has long struggled with balancing the needs of its 1.3 billion users while providing advertisers with a robust platform that enables effective targeting of those very same users. Where Facebook has routinely come under fire is their changing of privacy features while not always informing users that settings have changed as well as data […]

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Event: The Trends You Need To Know For 2015

the next big thing

If you work in communications then you know only too well that the marketing mix is in a state of flux. Driven by changing behaviours in how we consume, interact and interpret information, brands need to work harder than ever to ensure they’re part of the customer conversation. Both B2B and B2C audiences have grown […]

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Learning from the Pandas: 5 Tips for a successful communications campaign in Hong Kong

The 1,600 pandas in front of Hong Kong’s world-known harbor view. Source: http://butterboom.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/1600-pandas-world-tour-in-hong-kong-butterboom-1.jpg

Can you still recall the “Panda craze” in Hong Kong just over a month ago? 1,600 pandas made of recycled materials by French artist Paulo Grangeon visited Hong Kong in July and the campaign immediately turned viral. Social media was swamped with posts about the pandas’ footsteps in Hong Kong and my Facebook newsfeed featured […]

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5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is an Investment, Not an Indulgence


Earlier this week, I read an article from The Guardian about how free social media marketing is coming to an end. It argues that brands need to pay for advertising to connect with their desired audience and that organic reach no longer exists. It got me thinking… if brands have been doing social media correctly, it […]

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LOTW: The Debate Over the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ice bucket 2 copy[1]

It is nearly impossible for people to avoid the bombardment of social media friends participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. With this flurry of entertaining videos, a number of observers have questioned whether or not the social media whirlwind has actually impacted ALS awareness. Many organizations utilize social media to gain visibility for their […]

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Tips for Communicating with Millennials


I recently attended an interesting seminar by ITN productions on how brands should communicate with ‘Millennials’. Millennials, also referred to as Gen Y, typically fall within the 18-35 year old age range and have a reputation for being entitled, narcissistic and outspoken. Being a Millennial myself, I was delighted that much of the seminar focused on […]

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How to be successful doing PR ‘down under’


Known for our love of BBQs, the beach and beer, the ‘land down under’ aka Australia is unique for many reasons. Not only our iconic landmarks and beautiful beaches but the way we do business as well. What might work for companies in the US or UK may not work here. So understanding what us […]

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LOTW: The Value of A Visual Content Strategy for Your Social Media


So you’ve finally been persuaded to join the world of social media and you’ve made it your mission to create in-depth, genuine, and creative content with the hope that it will instantly spread like wildfire, making you famous and your company rich. However, quality content takes a lot of effort and time to produce and when published […]

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How to Deal with Gossip and Rumors on Social Media


“Gossip is what no one claims to like, but everybody enjoys.” – Joseph Conrad I have gossiped about people in the past and I have gossiped about people today. There, I said it. I’m guilty of doing something that is generally regarded as bad behavior, but everyone does it and they certainly do it on […]

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